Mission Statement

RaceTrack Engineering exists solely because of our passion for the motorsports industry. We strive to combine this passion with our twenty-five years of experience to strengthen the industry. This knowledge, pooled with our extensive network of industry leaders, yields a strong group of professionals able to develop unique solutions to satisfy the industry’s needs.

Our philosophy is such that we prefer to think in terms of cohesion, rather than competition. We have positive loyalty to the motorsports industry and our goal is to see it thrive. Simply stated: if the industry thrives, we will all thrive.

What is RaceTrack Engineering?

Founded by a former member of the engineering team at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, RaceTrack Engineering (RTE) is an entity dedicated to the betterment of motorsports facilities.

With the advancement of technology, a gap has developed in the motorsports industry between those who ‘have’ and those who ‘have not’. There is currently no straightforward method of direct communication to motorsports facilities and sanctioning organizations. Knowledge is the key to bridging this gap and connecting the manufacturers with the end-users. RaceTrack Engineering is the entity to fill that gap.

How will RTE strengthen the industry?

The knowledge and technology exists to breathe new life into the sport via the ‘top-down’ method. RTE’s mission is to facilitate the dispersion of knowledge and technology so that this industry may once again flourish at all levels.

The long-term goal of RTE is to become a valued resource center for those who own, operate, sanction and promote motorsports venues and events. The primary focus of RTE lies in two areas, increased safety and entertainment value at motorsports events. RTE hopes to accomplish this by creating a media for products and ideas to be showcased directly to those who need it. RTE has developed a three-step process to achieve this goal. To learn more about this process, visit the Services page.

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