RaceTrack Communications
Audio System Management

RaceTrack Communications is the largest sub-corporation in the RaceTrack Engineering network. RTC specializes in low-voltage systems for motorsports facilities, with a specialty in Audio Systems. Partnering with Steven Durr Designs, RTC currently manages several motorsports audio systems, including the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Race Control

The long-term relationship between RTE founder, Dave Dusick, and Indianapolis Motor Speedway also yeilds a uniqure opportunity. Dave is proud to be the operator of the IMS Race Control Closed Circuit camera system. This system is used with all events at IMS; including the Indy 500, Allstate 400 @ the Brickyard and the Red Bull USGP.

RaceTrack Engineering
Product Management

RTE's position as a liason between manufacturers and end-users of motorsports products creates a unique niche for RTE. Extensive motorsports experience combined with technical knowledge makes RTE the perfect entity to assist with development of motorsports related products. The RTE Product Management program is all encompassing; from product development through sales, installation and training.

Professional Services

The principal segment of RTE's strengthening of the motorsports industry is the Professional Services group. Partnered with several industry experts, RTE has created the ultimate professional team. Most RTE partners work independently, thus maximizing the value of their services. From creating a state-of-the-art facility from scratch to maintaining a historic site, the RTE Professional Services team has done it.

RaceTrack Tours

Each racing season, the RTE team hits the road. A series of RaceTrack Tours take the RTE supported products and services directly to the RaceTracks, giving promoters a chance to see these technologies and ideas in action. These tours also allows for RTE to gather valuable market data while continuing to foster their relationships. Ultimately, each RaceTrack Tour ensures the RTE stays in touch with this dynamic industry.

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